This is DGS

We strive to set new standards in the world of events. Our mission?

We make planning and experiencing your events as easy and smooth as possible, so you can focus on the essentials: creating unforgettable experiences.

We are convinced that technology should support us rather than stand in our way. That's why we design our tools to be intuitive, accessible and simple.

We are more than just software; we are about a movement towards simpler, better and more inspiring events.


We are genuine and straightforward

We don't believe in detours - we speak plainly and communicate as equals. Authenticity is important to us because we believe that honest words get us the furthest.

We avoid unnecessary frills and speak in a way that everyone can understand - clearly, directly and without confusion.


We are fresh and friendly

The world is constantly changing, and we are changing with it. Our approach is modern, everything about us is up to date and we cultivate a direct, friendly and open tone.

Our manner? Professional, relaxed and easy-going. We're all on the same level - no matter who you are or where you come from.


We are up close and personal

Working with us, you are the centre of our attention. We put our heart and soul into ensuring that you aren't just satisfied, but delighted.

Our team works with passion, always with the aim of getting the best for you. We are like very professional friends: always around, always close and always ready to help.


We are here and everywhere

Although we love our home in northern Germany, we are aware that good ideas don't know borders.

We may greet you with "Moin!" but we speak the languages of the world. DGS knows no distance, because we connect people everywhere with technology that brings people together.

Are you ready for an easy event life?

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